Tuesday, March 11

Pictobrowser: Embed your pictures on your blog

If you want to easily post multiple pictures on your blog, you can utilize a slideshow or flash. And PICTOBROWSER will help you with this. Take a look at this one:

All you have to do is visit their website: Click on the PICTOBUILDER button at the upper right corner of the screen and follow the onscreen instruction until you will have the code that you will be pasting on your blog.

Now that you have the code, sign in to blogger, click LAYOUT then go to PAGE ELEMENTS. Click ADD PAGE ELEMENT link and select HTML/JavaScript. Paste the code on that window and click SAVE CHANGES (Note: You can also rearrange the page elements by dragging and dropping each on their appropriate position, just click save when you are done). Then you'll have your beautiful slideshow on your blog.

Kudos to the brains of Pictobrowser: Diego Bauducco, Carlos Gomez and Maya Gorton. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...


you can also just click on the PictoBrowser logo and get the HTML code right there!


d said...


Thanks much for the information!