Sunday, July 20

Using Unionbank's EON Card on Paypal

I have a lot of comments and question from a several posts I made about Using Unionbank's EON Card on Paypal on my writtensentiments blog so I decided to post the links here.

Using Unionbank's EON Card on Paypal Part 1

So for those who are still having difficulty with using Unionbank EON Visa Card on Paypal, just drop me an email.
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Saturday, July 12

Clipnabber: Easy way to Download Videos from Youtube, Megavideo, Dailymotion, Veoh, Tudou and many more!

I love watching videos from youtube and even tudou. However, there are times that I got irritated when I see that buffering messages everytime I watch. Also, there are cases that when you want to watch your favorite youtube video again, it was already deleted. And now I though that it must be good to just download the video and save it on pc hardrive. Much more that I like the idea when my daughter had that mini MP3 / MP4 player.

If you will google internet, you will find a lot of software that will help you in downloading these file. But I choose CLIPNABBER since it is web-based tool so you do not need to download it.

To download the video as an FLV file, follow these steps:
1. Go to : and then type the URL of the video link on the PASTE URL box.
2. Click NAB VIDEO button.
3. Right click on FLV DOWNLOAD LINK
5. Select the drive or folder where you would like to save the file through the SAVE IN box.

6. Type the name of the file on the FILE NAME box.
7. Click SAVE.

Note: Use Internet Explorer.

Just wait until the file is fully downloaded. Then, you can watch the file using an FLV player. If you have other type of players or would like to use a gadget such as PSP or MP4 player to watch the movie, then you need to convert the file on the desired format.

And here is a helpful information from clipnabber help page:

How do I convert .flv files for use on my iPod or PSP?
There are several applications you can use for this purpose. Here are a couple that are free (at least shareware) and have been known to work. For Windows: Replay Converter. For Mac: iSquint or ffmpegX.

But my husband downloaded Xilisoft Software so that is the one we are currently using to convert the files.

By the way, here are the list of websites that you can download through clipnabber.

That's basically it! And now you could enjoy watching your favorite videos!
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Tuesday, July 8

Be Wise, Shop at for High Chairs!

Being an expectant mother is exciting and thrilling especially if you will be a first time mom. I remember when I was conceiving my first baby, I would always drag my husband to a mall so that we can go shopping for our baby. One thing that we have on our checklist is a high chair. However, going to a real mall is kinda inconvenient when you are pregnant so it is best to just sit at home, use your computer and look for a trusted Shopping site. And if you are planning to browse for high chairs for your little one, you may want to try checking on is a shopping site that offers only the best products online based from consumer feedback and product reviews from websites such as, CNET and

Because each parent has their own preferences, makes shopping easier for you because it offers variety of high chairs. With just a few clicks on your mouse, you can make a comparison and easily decide which one is the best for your child. If your priority is safety, check out these high chairs for infants. They have high chairs that have harness to keep your baby in her seat. The harness have straps that would secure your child hips in her seat, one that would be placed between her legs and of course two straps that would be placed on his shoulders .

Now, if you are after portability, you can select from Portable high chairs . What's so good about a portable high chair is that you can easily fold and be able to put it in the trunk of your car. Thus, you can always bring it wherever you go such as when visiting your families and friends.

You may also have other preferences such as a high chair that is durable, easy to use and easy to clean. And these high chairs can be found at list. So check out, a reliable online Shopping Store where you can definitely find a the best high chair that is suitable for you cute little ones.
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Monday, July 7

Cheap Multimedia Player (Mp4/MP3/Game)

I haven't been able to post frequently last month because my daughter is now a computer savvy person (by the way she is just about 3 years old.. hehehe). So my husband and I tried to find a way to divert her attention from the computer. We thought of buying her that kiddie laptop (just the cheap one that would cost around 2000 pesos). However, when we saw it, we thought that she will not enjoy such gadget because it doesn't have a colored display. So we try to look for an alternative and we found the Portable MP4/MP3/Game Player. I believe it is worth buying for our daughter because she would surely enjoy the features of this device (I think the one we bought is not original since its not that expensive, it only cost 2000 pesos). It has an Audio player (MP3) which is good because she loves to sing. Then, it has the Video player (MP4) so you can play movies (Later on I will discuss how we uploaded movies on that device). Of course, what she would love the most is the Gaming part. We uploaded .ness games on the device so she now enjoys playing Super Mario, Galaga, Ice Climber, etc. It also has other features such as a calculator & notepad reader.

* Support downloard games by built in memory
* Built-in 1G Samsung High Speed Flash Memory
* Can play thousands of games
* Screen: 2.4" 260k true color TFT display with 16 mega pixels ,Can be used for playing on-line movies AVI playback using MPEG-4 encoding in DIV x 3.11 / 4x / 5x as well as x VID
* Supports broadcasting movies on TV at VCD picture quality; NTSC/PAL TV system
* Built-in 2-megapixel digital camera & DV function, supports digital still pictures and digital video playback
* Supports MPEG-4 of ASF format with stereo sound ,Video recording as MPEG-4 with ADPCM stereo sound, Video playback at 320 x 240 @ 30fps , FM (optional)
* JPG and BMP customizable screen
* Playback: MPEG 1/2/2.5, layer 3 and MPEG1, layer 2 (8-320Kbps, 8-48kHz sampling)
* Playback: WMA (16-192Kbps, 8-44kHz sampling) ,FLAC
* Low power mode: enabled via display and keypad deactivation, CPU declock
* Support Network Movie Playing.
* ID3 tag and Lyric display
* E-book display while listening to music
* Built-in loud speaker, Bilt in Mic, Game, Calendar ,E-book, Tel book, time display, PC camera function

Image & Specs Source:

Portable MulMP4/MP3/Game Player has 1GB internal memory and it also has an expandable memory so you can use an SD Card if you feel that 1GB is not enough. We used the SD card for my daughter's favorites movies such as Ice Age 1 & 2, Finding Nemo, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Monster Inc and Flushed Away (I will be creating seperate post for these movie links). But one of the disadvantages that I am seeing right now with this device is its battery, it's play time would only last for a couple of hours. I am not sure if we are not charging the battery correctly, so we have to check with the seller if it really works that way. Also, you may want to take a look at the upgraded versions of these MP4 players because they look nicer, like this one:

Anyways, I have learned so much regarding downloading files and converting them to formats that are compatible with this player. Moreover, I was able to look for movie links that your children will surely love. Thus, stay tuned for my posts. =)
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