Tuesday, March 4

Big Huge Labs: Making cool stuff with your Photos!

Isnt that a lovely picture? Would you believe if I will say that it only took a minute or two for me to add some flare on my daughter's picture? Well, if you are thinking that I used photoshop or paintshop to make that jigsaw look on that pic, think again. It will take about days for me to accomplish that using any Graphic Software. To make life easier Big Huge Labs created this web based photo editor so you can make some fun cool stuff with you digital images.

Big Huge Labs allows you to create Jigsaw, Badge, Calendar, Mosaic, Warhol, Magazine Cover, Cube, Wallpaper, Billboard, Blog Header, Gallery, Slideshow and a whole lot more! You can even make a cube of pictures or create a CD Cover for your giveaways during special occasions. Take a look at this Warhol that I created using my daughter's picture.

And what do you think about this Mosaic pic?

Visit so you can get access to this Photo Laboratory and start experimenting! Have fun!

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