Friday, March 14

Blog Success: Getting Page Rank 2

I am so happy today coz as I was browsing the pinayblogger forum, I bumped into a pagerank checker ads on that site. So I thought of checking my blog's page rank. Guess what? I now have PR 2. YIPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I never expected that my blog would already have a page rank coz I was really hopeless and just focused on providing freebie-ous information.

Google Pagerank Checker

courtesy of :

I even checked it using other page rank checker( and here is what I have

Free PageRank Checker

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If you will be asking me, how I got this Page Rank, I still dont know but definitely there are a lot of factors. Here are the things that I think will help you get a pagerank:

1. Be consistent. Make it a habit to post new things on your blog (that is of course associated with your blog theme). Although I am still struggling on this area, I know that this is one big factor for your site visitors to continue accessing your blog. It is great if you can at least have a post in a day, however there are times that you run out of words to say, well, I guess its better to just relax during those times instead of pushing yourself so hard so you can write something just for the heck of having a post for that day. Right? But then there are days that you have a lot of things on your mind. One technique that you can use is to create drafts of those posts, then just reserve some for the other days. That would help you have a post for the coming days that you may have a brain damage... hehehe

2. Socialize. It is recommeded that you know how to deal with other bloggers. Networking really works because in this way, you get to expand your audience. Join online communities such as :

Internet Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory

Then, you can also add a blogroll on your page so that you can exchange links with others. Some of my friends who has higher page rank even have this "tagging scheme" which I believe really works for them. I dont apply that on my blog coz this is not really a personal blog and I guess that works on blogs that talks about one's life.
There are still a lot of networking sites for bloggers so you can just google them up and give them a try!

3. Be accomodating. There are times that visitors would email you and request something from you like featuring their page on your blog. Always say "Yes" to those request (as long as the site is appropriate to your theme). Be grateful that they ask for your help, it just means that they do like your blog.

4. Learn from others. Never be afraid to ask because that is one way to know the ins and outs of the blogging world. There are a lot of blog icons out there so socialize with these people coz you'll learn a lot from them.

And last piece of advice is to live by your blogs vision and mission. Sounds so professional huh? Well, in simple terms, just stick with your blog theme.

Hey, I'm not an expert coz I know there are still a lot of things to consider so you can be very visible online. So if you have some more advice and tips to have a higher page rank, please do tell me. =)


Coaster said...

good on you for getting a PR2.
seeing this is a freebies site, do you know of any free online pokemon rpg games?

Good Free RPG Games blog said...

Thanks Coaster! I found this great blog which you may find interesting

And there was one post on the site regarding Pokemon RPG games...

Check out the site and tell me if that is what you are looking for.

Have fun!


AiDiSan said...


Congrats on your PR2 rank, hopefully next time you update us, it's PR10 already. said...


Thanks for the support.


Coaster said...

thanks anyfreebies.
The Online Pokemon Games blog is actually my little blog and that is why I am after other Pokemon games. If you ever hear of any please let me know thanks.

Can I ask how you found my Online Pokemon Games blog. Was it Google or what?

cheers from Australia. said...

oh shoot! I didnt notice. Im sorry about that.

To answer your question, yes, I got your blog from google.

Ill try to make research on Pokemon games and will update you once I have the information. =)

Thanks for visiting my site! said...

Check this out coaster...