Wednesday, February 27

PingAndWin: Win Cool Items without Spending a Dime!

Im delighted everytime I receive email from people (especially from a webmaster or blogger) who invite me to join their community. The email I'm referring to is not just one of those spam email. This person likes giving away freebies too so he thought of dropping me a note. I look at his website : I was amazed because he really is finding ways of giving free items to blogger and vloggers.

I just wish I could join the contest, but since I dont live in the US (which is one of the requirements) I can't ping and win (so sad...) However, this is a good news to US Resident Bloggers out there who wants to win cool items and I do thank Scott for sharing his brilliant idea to me. Here is the site's first contest:

Visit PINGANDWIN now and be the owner of that Home Soda Machine!

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Monday, February 25

Fullbooks and Freeloadpress: Great free text books online!

To all bookworms out there, I think you would love this post that I'll make regarding two helpful sites that provides access to thousands of free text books.

These are the FULLBOOKS and FREELOADPRESS. Both sites have the intent to help people who love to learn while online. Also, they aim to provide zero cost educational materials to students and teachers as well.

Fullbooks offers textbooks which you can read online. No need for you to download the books because the site makes it easier for you to navigate the books online. One disadvantage of this site is that it doesnt have a search function that allows you to easily look for a book that you need. However, the books are well organized and arranged alphabetically so if you know the title of the book you are looking for, just click on corresponding first letter of the book title and you should see the book there. Also, you need not to register just to have access to their books.

Freeloadpress provides extensive list of free ebooks. It would first require you to register for the site so you can download their ebooks. The registration process includes survey questions that would help the site improve more. Eventually it would help you (as their site visitors) because from the survey, they will know what textbooks are mostly needed by people. The site doesnt also have a search feature but the books can be sorted by title, subject or author.

So what are you waiting for, visit and to start learning at the comforts of your home!

Enjoy Reading!
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Friday, February 22

Check your blog rating!

family friendly badge
Congratulations! You have a family friendly blog. Feel free to let your friends and readers know by displaying one of our badges on your blog or website. Just click, copy, and paste the code onto your blog.

I got this when I check my blog rating at :

So if you want to know if your blog is family friendly or adult friendly, visit
Just another fun game on the internet!
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Wednesday, February 20

MYTHEME.COM Animator: Cool Online Image Editor

I love editing pictures. Although I'm not a professional graphic designers, I like the thought of adding effects on pictures, especially my daughter's pictures. And this time I would like to share with you one great online photo editor that allows you to do basic editing on your graphics as well as put some drama or effects on it. Wanna see how cool this online tool is? Look at this pic...

Isnt that a cool picture. Here is the original picture:

I used MYTHEME.COM Animator at On the picture that I posted, I utilized the Reflecting Water effect under animation. It has different tools which you can use before posting your pictures on your blog, myspace, facebook, friendster and other online communities. Or you may even use these when sending ecards during special occasions. And the good thing about it is its for free and no need to download coz the tool is readily availble online. So visit : and start adding cool effects on your pictures!

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Tuesday, February 19 Free Portable Applications!

Im back online again yipeee! You may have been wondering why I have a backlog. Well, we moved in to our new home and havent had an internet connection til lately. So now, I just wanna post a review of a website that provides free portable applications. And the site is called "The Portable Freeware Collection"

I found the site last week when I was looking for a portable image editor. The site is almost updated daily and provides new portable freewares. It has portable notepad, image editor, games, spyware scanner, virus detector and a lot more. Try to visit the site at :

so you can see what I am talking about. Happy porta-ware searching!
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