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How to Earn Money Online : More than 70 Great Links where you can earn cash

Is it really possible to earn money through internet? The answer is “YES” and I believe a lot of people would agree with me. I think the follow up question to that is how to earn money online?

There are many ways in which you can earn a decent income while online. Let me categorize them into two:
1. Be an online employee
2. Sell Product

How would you feel working at the comforts of your home? Well, that thought is very much appealing to me. I bet all Mother’s out there who are trying to make ends meet and still prefer to be with their children while working would definitely love that idea too. Let’s say thank you to the brilliant people who created the internet for making this thought into a reality. Now you can be an online employee by looking for a online job.

Where exactly can you get an online job? I got my first online earnings from my ghostwriting, big THANKS to my friend “Malou Barry,” (not her true name of course), she was the one who encouraged me to write so that I can have an extra income. Now, she is one of my mentors when it comes to “making money online.” Why am I sharing this? Just to let you know that you can really earn money by using your talent. Either be a temporary helper of a client or an employee of a company. If you know how to write articles or ebook, design blogs or websites, create graphics, do data entry, be a technical guru, teach online and others then you may meet your future client or boss at any of the following freelancing sites:

1. Rentacoder: Although the site imposes a high commission, I personally like it because this is where I mostly got my project from. They even have arbitration if the coder and buyer didn’t agree in some point. And if ever you have other problems within the site, rentacoder staff will really look into the issue and make a resolution.
2. Getafreelancer Most of my friends have good experiences on this site and they said its highly recommendable. The site posts a lot of projects everyday.
3. Scriptlance : This site posts both temporary and permanent work. So you can check on their Project List as well as on their Job Listings. Check out their Job Listings because that is where you can get a more permanent job from one of the prospect clients.
4. Guru : The site both has a free and premium subscription. I only got one client from that site because I don’t have the premium account. You may want to give it a try and see if you got the talent that the clients are looking for.
5. Online Writing Jobs : If you are a writer then this site is for you. It has job listings of clients looking for different kinds of writers (technical, creative, academic, etc.

These are the major freelance job database that I have had experience with. So you can also visit other sites such as : Go Freelance , GET A CODER and Elance.

If you are looking for a permanent homebased job, you can explore the popular Job Banks such as:,, (for Filipinos), etc. and just use the search term “homebased,” “work at home,” or “telecommute” to get a list of homebased jobs.

Another way to earn money online is by selling a product either directly or indirectly. Directly selling a product is the best option if you want to earn more but that is more tedious compared to just recommending the product or service and encouraging others to buy it. Decide which path you are heading according to your abilities and resources. Why do I say so? Because if you will be directly selling a product, you need to have a capital. Otherwise, venture on just being an affiliate and invest by using your writing talents. So let me tell you the different ways you can earn money online using your “selling power.”

A. Participate in Auction Sites or Build an online Business.
Selling products online is very profitable specially if your products are unique and has high demand. My sister is now a homebased Mom, making a living out of her online business. What does she do? She actually is a power seller in (leonalianne) and Mind you, my sister is not a computer geek at first but she already has that “selling power” offline. So if you have that ability as well, then you can visit sites like
2. (Philippines only)
4. Ubid
5. Bidz

If you want to invest more, you can create a website and embed an ecommerce on your page so people can directly purchase from your site.

B. Monetize from your blog
Creating a post can be so much fun if you really do like writing. It does not only becomes your outlet when you happy or sad, but it also allows you get to know a lot of people from around the world because you got great and not so good comments from people whom you never meet. And the best thing about blogs is you can even earn some money from it. Here’s how:
  • Paid Posting/Review : I am tempted to go into this direction with the recommendation of my friends but I havent signed up to any of Get Paid to Post programs just because I havent had the time yet. So what is Paid Posting all about? It is one type of GPT program (which I would later on discuss) that would require you to create a post or a review about a website product or service on your own blog. And in order for you to be a qualified reviewer or endorser you need to have a blog which is at least 2 months old. Some websites may have different requirements so make sure that you carefully read the terms and agreement before you apply. After which you can create a post or review that is in English and contains at least 200 words. Sounds easy for you? If yes then you can now visit some of these Paid Posting or Review Sites:

1. 451 Press
2. Blogitive
3. Blogmeout
4. Blogsvertise
5. BlogToProfit
6. BOTW Media
7. BuyBlogReviews
8. Loudlaunch
9. MoneyTYZ
11. PayU2Blog
12. Review me
13. SnapBomb
15. Sponsored Reviews

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

  • Adsense: I havent had big earnings on Adsense but my brother is earning a decent income from Google and I have read stories of people who are really earning from Adsense. Take a look at this article from John Chow (a site that I frequently visit which has a lot of interesting articles) "The Internet Biggest Google Whores"and be inspired.

  • Become an Affiliate or Advertiser (Advertisements) – I’ve excluded Google from this list just because a lot of people are making a living out of Google Adsense. However, there are still a lot of Programs or Companies out there that needs your help in advertising their product. You can check out the Paid to Post sites that I have provided above because most of them have an affiliate program as well. But if you want to earn more money through affiliate marketing, you can check out this big companies:

1. Commission Junction
2. Linkshare
3. Amazon

C. Participate in GPT
Get-Paid-To (GPT) Programs – So what is GPT? Get-Paid-To are programs that would tell you do to something and they will pay you for that. Paid to Post which was already discussed on the previous topic is one example of Get-Paid-To (GPT) programs. However, there are still other types of Get-Paid-To (GPT) programs that doesn’t require for you to have a blog. I'm not experienced when it comes to Get-Paid-To (GPT) programs but I have read a lot interesting articles about this topic. Some are earning a small enough but if you have all the time in the world to always be in front of your computer, then you may want to engage into this programs and earn at least $100 a month. However, you need to be extra careful because there are a lot of scams on the internet especially with Get-Paid-To (GPT) programs. I’ll be giving you an extensive list of Get-Paid-To (GPT) programs that I got from through research from forum and blog hopping

List of websites that will pay you to write something on their pages or blog:
1. -
2. Blog Burner -
3. Day Tripper -
4. Pay Me to Blog About You -
5. Shvoong -
6. Weblogs Inc -

List of websites that will pay you to do something such as read, complete a survey, click on links, etc:
1. A whole Lot of Green: (US Residents Only)
3. Cash On Top
4. Cash Lagoons
5. Cashcrate
6. Dear Barbie
7. Ezami
8. Fairy Tale Treasure
9. Freebies on Tap
10. Fusion cash (US Residents only)
11. Instant Profitz
12. My Cash Safari
13. Raid The Bank
14. Rapid Loot
15. Revolution Offers
16. Snap Dollars
17. Send Earnings
18. Squishy Cash
19. SWAT Cash
20. The Cash Grab
21. This Site is For Real (US Residents Only)
22. Treasure Tropper

List of websites that will pay you to give Advice, Answer, Opinion, Share Expertise and Others:
1. Bitwine
2. Expert Bee
3. Know Brainers
4. Student Questions
5. I want your Answers
6. Small Biz Advice
7. Problima
8. Duno
9. Kasamba
10. Innocentive
11. Idea Connection

Do you think this post is useful? And do you know any other means of earning money online? If so, I’d like to hear from you.


Arlene Tabamo said...

Hi sis! wow this one is really so helpful..thanks for sharing these links. :) said...

You are welcome sis and Thanks for sharing some of those links too. I hope we can earn more online...hehehe....


Taylor Blue said...

I have to say I recommend GetAFreelancer...That is where I found most if not all my work until I got a job blogging. :) said...

Cool! Thanks for you input Taylor! =)

Anonymous said...

You should have GPT sites also. My favortite one is They've made me a decent part time income. Check them out. said...


Thanks for your suggestion. I do have a few GPT sites on my list. I am still coming up with a few urls where you can earn money online so I'll add on the upcoming post. Keep visiting my blog!

Minette said...

By the way, can you kindly tell us how much are you earning from (even just an approximation). Thanks,