Tuesday, May 8

DIGISCAPDEPOT.COM: Totally Free Scrapbooking Downloads!

When I was young, I love collecting pictures of my family and friends that I would place in nice photo albums. Then, I would insert some funny notes or comments and decorate it with cute cut-outs and drawings using colored paper and pen. Later on, I learned that what I was doing was something called scrapbooking.

Scrap booking is highly recommended to brides-to-be so that they can personalize their wedding albums as well as to expectant mothers who would like to create keepsakes for their “little angels.” It is a great activity that you can do with your loved ones. Actually, it can be anybody's hobby. Coz all you have to do is make some designs to add some flair to your pictures with the help of a graphic software and a printer. And this hobby is even made easier with free downloadable materials for scapbooking such as the ones from DIGISCAPDEPOT.

Digiscapedepot offers different FREE downloadable materials for scrapbooking that you can view before you download them. It doesn’t even require you to register in order to download any of the scrapbooking stuff. Also, their free graphics can be used for different occasions or themes such as valentine, summer, spring, wedding, newborns, St. patrick’s day, mother’s day, thanksgiving, family, butterflies and many more. The files are organized properly into different categories such as Alphas, Brushes, Embellisments, Overlays, Paper, Printable Cards, QuickPages, Template, Theme Kits and Wordart. Additionally, you can search any of these freebies by Designer or by Theme. Thus, you can that you can easily locate what you are looking for!

If you want to contribute or share some scrapbooking graphics that you have created, all you have to do is SIGN UP to Digiscapedepot. It will only require you for an email address (which will be kept confidential by the webmaster) to create a username for Digiscapedepot. Once you become a member, you can upload your files so others can use them. So visit DIGISCAPDEPOT.COM and start creating a lovely scrapbook for your loved ones!

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Friday, May 4

Be Tutorialized: Empowering Your Software Knowledge

As a freelance writer, I was forced to learn the Microsoft Word. Then at work, I was once required to create reports through Excel. There were times that I was on my wits end and do not know what to do just to complete a simple task that was assigned to me. So what I usually do is just to ask a friend or a co-worker who is a "software guru" whenever I have questions about specific software. But there are times that I need a quick answer and I got frustrated when nobody is available to help me. This led me in looking for Free Tutorials that would make my task a piece of cake.

By simply googling what I need, I found TUTORIALIZED. You just need to REGISTER on their site and you get FREE ACCESS to their tutorials. They can teach you how to be a Graphic Designer, Webmaster, MS Office Guru, Online Businessmen, Computer Programmer, Operating System Proficient and a lot more.

The Tutorialized is great because their tutorials are accompanied by graphics so even a novice can easily learn the computer lingo. They have tutorials for amateurs such as: HTML, Flash, MSFrontPage, MSExcel, SQL Basics, and MSWord; as well as for professionals like Maya, Fireworks, Perl and CGI, MySQL, Dreamweaver and eCommerce. They also have an Online Community where you can ask software questions to tutorialized members.

So SIGN UP NOW for FREE and be tutorialized! Who knows, you may be the next Bill Gates of your generation. Have fun while learning!
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Wednesday, May 2

Winding Road: Great Freebies for Obsessed Car Drivers!

Would you like to receive updates of the upcoming car models? Are you collecting magazines about cars? Would you like to see videos of the hottest car in town? If you say YES to any of those questions, well you may want to visit WINDING ROAD website at

My husband is a fanatic of the Road Test, Hot Cars and Videos. In ROAD TESTS area where you can find information about upcoming cars before they even get introduced to the market. Then, HOT CARS which is a gallery of very good looking autos accompanied by a review. If you will go to the VIDEOS page, you’ll be able to see interesting clips about autos.

Since this is just for free there is really no harm in trying especially if you are a car lover just like my hubby. All you have to do is SIGN UP NOW to
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Baby BumbleBee: Free Printables for Kids!

As a mother, you will be your children's first teacher. It's not really easy to teach those little angels how to talk, write and read properly however if you accompanied it with graphics, they can easily grasp everything that you say. Try to visit Baby Bumblebee's website which is really fascinating. It actually a store that sells educational materials for children 0-3 years old. But they also provide freebies which you can download, print and use to help you in bringing up a smart and sociable kid! So here are Bumbleefree printables that you can use when interacting with your babies!

Teach your baby how to count
I really like this site because it provides very nice colored printables which my daughter adores. They have free Number Posters (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20) which you can print then place on your babie's room so they can easily recognize and memorize numbers. You may also compile them in a folder so your toddler can browse through them anytime. They also have free Matching Numbers Card Game which is very good for preschoolers. This will allow you to test if your child can determine the appropriate artwork for a given number.

Teach your baby how to read and write
Knowing the alphabets is the first step in acquiring reading and writing skills. Send this Bumbleebee's Free Alphabet Posters to your colored printers and post them on your baby's room so he will know ABC. But for children above 2 years old, you can let them use the Bumbleebee's Free Alphabet Templates. Each sheets contains a sample alphabet letter and traced letter so your kids can easily copy the letter by simply following the trail.

Teach your baby how to speak well
If you want to enhance your children's vocabulary, download the Bumblebee' Free Vocabulary Builder Flash Cards. It has Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4 & Volume 5.

Try to visit Baby Bumblebee at and take advantage of their freebies for a well grown-up babies!
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Tuesday, May 1

Rentacoder: Calling all freelancers!!!

I would like to share my first ever online job which is writing articles. At first I was hesitant to enter the world of Online Writing, Ghostwring, Content Writing, Article Writing or whatever they may call it. Yes, I may never have fantastic skills in writing but I tried learning the craft, read articles online, asked feedback from my friends and got motivated by my family. When I know I was ready, I tried to look for writing niches online and sign up to a lot of websites. Then, I came across the, which is commonly known as RAC. Rentacoder (RAC) is an online community where buyers can post projects about Web Design, Writing and Documentation, Engineering, Visual Art, Data Entry, Homework and just about anything that you need assistance with.

RAC does not impose registration fee so you can be a RAC member for free. As a buyer, you are also free to post projects for freelacers. But for coders, if you won a project, you will get a 15% deduction from the bid amount as a coder.

User Interface
At first, you may be confused with RAC’s user interface. But once you get used to it, you will be able to bid multiple projects in seconds. You can also check their Coder and Buyer HELP area to find answers to any questions you may have about this freelancers’ niche.

The site gives opportunity to people who would like to work at the comforts of their homes such mommies! So check it out and register if you want to make some money by doing what you love to do. Happy freelancing!
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