Monday, March 17

Launching Anyfreebies Blog Award

I have finished creating my blog awards and I can now officially review blogs which I believe deserve a round of applause. I know how hard it is to maintain a blog, much more to make it interesting, unique, fun, inspirational, girly, artistic and helpful. Thus, I thought of these awards:

A blog that is a source of internet or computer wisdom. One that is very helpful and usually provides quality tips & tricks.

A blog that you can easily relate to cause it mirrors certain events or aspects in your life.

A blog that is very sensible. One that would encourage you to look back at the happenings in your life and remind you to reflect.

A blog that is well-designed, very attractive and smart-looking.

A blog that is simply one of a kind.

A blog that uplifts womanhood.

A photo blog that features gallery of amazing pictures.

A blog that is full of emotions. One that would you cry, laugh, smile or even frown.

A blog that greatly helps other bloggers or internet users to make money online.

If you feel that you deserve one of these awards, go ahead and tell me by writing a comment on this post. Then, Ill check out your pages and see if you are right!

And I know my list is not enough so if you have something in mind, please do drop me an email at : and let your suggestions or comments be heard.


chica40208 said...

actualy my friends blog needs a award! his url is
thanks for makeing these cool awards!

Minette Rivera said...


Thanks for recommending a blog. Ill review your friend's blog and make a post about it when I am done.

If I will ask you, what specific award would you like to give to him?

Thanks for visiting my site!