Wednesday, May 7

One Big Dream: Travelling in Germany

I have been dreaming about travelling in Germany. All I know is that Germany has stunning sceneries and is rich with cultural attractions. So I made some more research on what are the best places and things in that country which made it very popular to tourists. Through the internet, I learned that it also celebrates a lot of festivals and hoidays where you can see different customes, masks, carnivals and a more fun-filled activities. And if you plan to go to Germany, the best cities that you should be visiting are Berlin , Frankfurt , Köln and Munich.

Every district of Berlin has its own charm which may have been the reason why it was considered as the capital city of Germany. And since it is also Germany’s largest city, it is best to take a diverse route when trying to explore the Berlin. Some of the places and tourist attractions that you should visit are the Egyptian (Ägyptisches) Museum and Papyrus Collection, Dahlem Museum complex, Brucke Museum, Tiergarten park, Treptower Park, Olympic Stadium and Friseur Museum. Get to visit all these by staying in one of the best Berlin Hotels.

Frankfort can be considered as a diverse city when talking about its sceneries and attactions. You would see tall and futuristic skucrapers as well as traditional, long-established yet well-maintained structures. These includes Archaeological Gardens, Botanical Gardens (Palmengarten), Goethehaus, Carmelite Monastery. Moreover, Frankfurt is known with its high class Opera House & musems which are the Old Opera House (Alte Oper), Staedel Art Museum and German Architecture Museum. Get to visit all these by staying in one of the luxurious Frankfurt Hotels.

Being the fourth largest city of Germany, Köln takes pride of its stunning cityscape, landscape and attractions. One of its best is the Kölner Dom (Köln Cathedral), which took around 600 years to build. Other places that you may want to visit in Köln are : Köln zoo (Zoologischer Garten Köln), Rmerturm (Roman tower), Eigelstein Tower, Agfa Photo-Historama im Museum Ludwi, Imhoff-Stollwerck Museum or Schokoladenmuseum & Roman tower (Rmerturm). Get to visit all these by staying in one of the grand Köln Hotels.

Munich is most tourists favorite city to visit in Germany because it possess a lively culture which you can find in his famous gothic structures, well-respected musems and beautiful parks. Some of Munich must-see museums are Alte Pinakothek (Art Museum), Bayerisches National Museum and Deutsches Jagd und Fischeremuseum. Then you should also visit its beautiful places such as Munich’s cathedral, Town Hall (Rathaus), Nymphenburg Palace and Olympia Park. Get to visit all these amazing by staying in one of the magnificent Munich Hotels.

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