Friday, May 30

Free Cookbook: Cooking the Chinese Way!

I love dishes with noodles and that is why I have a liking with Chinese food. I know that Chinese also have an influence with our cuisine (Filipino) because if you will notice the way Filipinos cook, they would have sauces (either soy sauce or oyster sauce) and seasonings. Morever, Chinese recipes are easy to do such as stir-fry, roast and noodles soups. And as promised I am now posting the cookbook called "Cooking the Chinese Way" so CLICK HERE to get the PDF copy of the book which has 73 pages.

I think I am going to try the Wonton, Shrimp with Hoisin Sauce and probably mooncakes.

Now its your turn to tell me what are your favorite Chinese food, so dont hesistate to post! Happy Cooking!


Mina said...

yummy! I like this cookbook mama, thanks for sharing, I'll have it downloaded:) said...

Great! Love ke rin ini =) Tin ku pang aliwang cookbooks kanyan i post. =)