Monday, May 26

Free Recipes and Cookbook: A Taste of Thai

It's been a long time since I posted recipes so it's cooking time once again! And I do have a great collection of Cookbooks (PDF). This includes Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Chinese, French, Mexican, Italian and Filipino dishes.

But I'll be posting the Thai recipe collection first which I got from the website called A Taste of Thai. You can also browse the site because it provides a lot of Thai Recipes. And if you want to download the open cookbooks that they have, simply visit:

A Taste of Thai Cookbooks

The cookbooks that you can download from the site are the following:

Favorite Thai Recipes
11 pages, 2 MB pdf file

Coconut Milk Recipes
11 pages, 1.3 MB pdf file

Dessert Recipes
(using coconut milk)
11 pages, 1.2 MB pdf file

Seafood Recipes
11 pages, 1.3 MB pdf file

Rice Noodle Recipes
9 pages, 1 MB pdf file

Thai Vegetarian Recipes
10 pages, 1.2 MB pdf file

Chicken Recipes
9 pages, 1.3 MB pdf file

Note: If in case you can't access any of the links, just send me a note so that I can directly send you the files since I still have them on my harddrive.

And if you want a real Thai Cookbook, check out:

Cooking the Thai Way

Hope you enjoy the Thai dishes!

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