Friday, May 9

Lots of Prizes at stake @ The Net Fool’s Outrageous Blog Contest

Blog hopping has many advantages. First, you get to meet new people. Second, you can expand your network and be able to exchange links with others. Third, you get to discover amazing things such as this one:

Win Over $4,500 in FREE Cash & Prizes? Visit The Net Fool’s Outrageous Blog Contest

Isn't that amazing? I think if you are a blogger, you would definitely join such contest. Why? Because joining The Net Fool’s Outrageous Blog Contest is easy. All you need to do is :
- Subscribe to the RSS feed and/or Email List (required)
- Blog About the Contest (10 Entries)
- Comment on The Net Fool (1/4 Entry)
- Stumble or Digg a Post (1 Entry)
- Favorite The Net Fool on Technorati (1 Entry)

(From time to time,you want to visit The Net Fool’s Outrageous Blog Contest for updates regarding contest rules)

After getting an entry, there goes the chance to win the following prizes:


* $250 Cash from PepperJam Network
* $50 Paypal Cash from Ades Blog
* $25 Paypal Cash from Sohaib Thiab

Web Hosting

* 1 Year Web Hosting from Young Online Millionaire

WordPress Themes & Design

* $500 Custom Premium Blog Design from Pixel Jig
* 2 Copies of the Revolution WordPress Theme from Brian Gardner Media

WordPress Scripts & Software

* 2 Copies of the FruitfulTime TaskManager from FruitfulTime
* Liscenced Copy of OIO Publisher from OIOpublisher
* WP Auctions Gold Version from WP Auctions

Blog Advertising

* Featured Listing on Aviva Directory from Aviva Directory
* Blog Listing and Bundle Pack 2 from 1 Cool File
* 125×125 Ad Spot from BlogTrepreneur
* 125×125 Ad Spot from Life Is Colourful
* 2 125×125 Ad Spots from Webmaster Plaza
* 2 125×125 Ad Spots from BloggerVenue
* 125×125 Ad Spot from BobbyT Blogging To A T
* 125×125 Ad Spot from Hedge Against Speculation
* 720×90 Banner Ad Spot from Webmaster Plaza

Blog Reviews

* Full Blog Review from Wayne Liew
* Full Blog Review from Article Snatch
* Full Blog Review from Life Is Colourful
* Full Blog Review from Webmaster Plaza
* Full Blog Review from BloggerVenue


* 2 Year Subscription to GoStats Pro from GoStats
* 5 One-Year VIP Memberships to from Xavier Media
* Premium Subscription to from DotSauce

Entrecard Credits

* 5000 Entrecard Credits from BloggerVenue
* 2000 Entrecard Credits from Article Snatch
* 2000 Entrecard Credits from Big Free Articles
* 1500 Entrecard Credits from BobbyT Blogging To A T
* 1500 Entrecard Credits from Webmaster Plaza
* 1000 Entrecard Credits from Tim Yimto
* 750 Entrecard Credits from Let’s Talk About Money
* 750 Entrecard Credits from The Work From Home Professional
* 500 Entrecard Credits from DotSauce
* 3x 168 Entrecard Credits from Bloggin-Ads


* Professional Blog Consultation Report from Scribbles & Words
* 2 One-Hour Blog Consulations from The University Kid
* 20 One Buck Wiki Pages from OneBuckWiki
* 20 Beer Stock Pages from Site Hoppin
* Unique List of 20 Available Domain Names from Word Fuse
* Aviva Directory T-Shirt from Aviva Directory

The Net Fool is so generous in giving away such tremendous prizes and I can't even pick which one is my favorite. But I guess, the exposure and traffic that your blog would receive if ever you will win this contest is priceless.

So join The Net Fool’s Outrageous Blog Contest Now!.

Note: I think results will be announced on June 2

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