Wednesday, May 28

Free Cookbook: Cooking the Korean Way!

Korean thingy is very much "IN" here in Pampanga. I said that because here in the Angeles City, you would always see Korean people everywhere (I am not saying that it is a bad thing, it was just my observation). Then, I have co workers who took Korean language class which was held at SM Clark. A friend of mine also told me that Koreans even "invade" the Timog Park subdivision a lot of Koreans are currently residing there. Just near that subdivison (or in the Friendship Road), you would see a lot of Korean Restaurants who I think offers delicious menu. Coz I believe that Koreans have a good taste when it comes to food. Want to know their secret? Then download this "Cooking the Korean Way" cookbook so you get to know a glimpse of Korean Cooking and some of their great recipes.

Jal Meogeosseumnida!

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