Saturday, May 17 Watch your Favorite Filipino Shows

I know that Filipinos working abroad are so thrilled everytime they watch GMA or ABS-CBN Shows such as Eat Bulaga, Wowowee, Game ka na Ba and telenovelas. Channel 2 even has a TFC channel while GMA has Pinoy TV so that their shows will be aired in different countries such as USA, Singapore, Japan and others. But did you know that there is still another way to watch your favorite Filipino celebrity or show? Visit Hayag is a youtube type site where people share video clips but its primary content is Filipino-related videos. It's also called webcast.

And if you are a Kapuso, you can watch out for username mytvko because he posts GMA Shows while Kapamilyas can look for mimanchi so you can watch ABS-CBN shows.

You can also watch the current shows on GMA or ABS-CBN by following these steps:

1. Go to your Programs menu and open Windows Media Player (preferably version 10 or higher)
2. Press CTRL+U
3. Enter (GMA 7 Show) or (ABS-CBN Show)
4. Then click OK

And dont forget that this is a streaming video so you need a broadband connection to enjoy the shows.

Thanks to Dencio for sharing this freebie!

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