Thursday, April 17

Whateverlife: A young girl power!

I am a working-mom (having a regular work plus blogging plus writing plus designing and many more...) so I know how hard it is to balance your work and family. Much more to have a very successful career. But I have been trying to be the best in whatever I do. And I do get inspired whenever I heard or read that a woman is being recognized as successful in her field.

So as I was browsing the internet, looking for ways on how to be successful, I got interested in this little girl's BIG POWER : Ashley Qualls. "AshBo" (her nickname) is a blog entreprenuer who earn an estimated of $70,000 per month just because of providing FREE Myspace Layouts on her website So her earnings are mainly from advertising.

^ Layouts, Graphics, Tutorials, and more ^

Since the site has a lot of unique visitors and pageviews per day, there would be a lot of people who can possibily click her ads. Here's an excerpt from Fastcompany article:

"According to Google Analytics, Whateverlife attracts more than 7 million individuals and 60 million page views a month. That's a larger audience than the circulations of Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and CosmoGirl! magazines combined. Although Web-site rankings vary with the methodology, Quantcast, a popular source among advertisers, ranked a staggering No. 349 in mid-July out of more than 20 million sites. Among the sites in its rearview mirror:,, FDA .gov, and"

And what's more amazing is that this girl is just 17 years old. Another exerpt from

"At 17 going on 37 (at least), Ashley is very much an Internet professional. In the less than two years since Whateverlife took off, she has dropped out of high school, bought a house, helped launch artists such as Lily Allen, and rejected offers to buy her young company. Although Ashley was flattered to be offered $1.5 million and a car of her choice--as long as the price tag wasn't more than $100,000--she responded, in effect, Whatever. :) "I don't even have my license yet," she says."

I haven't tried creating an account on Myspace so I have never used Whateverlife's free Myspace layouts. But based from her website's online analytics, I know that she (and her team) really creates wonderful layouts. I may never be a fan of Myspace but I am now a fan of Ashley, creator of

Whateverlife: Free Myspce Layouts and other stuff

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ok, cool... i just added lots of fresh emo backgrounds on my blog