Saturday, April 5

Anyfeebies Blog Awards: Dosh Dosh, Blogger Tips&Tricks and Problogger

I am awarding three great blogs that I have been visiting lately. I know that these blogs have received numerous awards already but I am still making them as Anyfreebies Blog Award recipients because they helped me a lot on pursuing my blogging goals. Congratulations to DoshDosh, Blogger Tips And Tricks and ProBlogger

Photo Note: Graphics are property of respective webmasters.

Dosh Dosh is a very unique website which provides helpful information on how to be known online and make money at the same time. You'd be amazed by the unique and interesting articles that Maki (Webmaster of Dosh Dosh) wrote which he coupled with anime graphics. Dosh Dosh is a must read for bloggers who wish to create one of a kind articles and earn money online. So check out Dosh Page now!

Peter Chen, author of Blogger Tips and Tricks, is a "Blogger Expert" trying to help amateur (even professional) bloggers in designing and layouting their pages. I personally like his how-tos because he incorporates basic explanation and easy to follow instructions. You can check out Blogger Tips & Tricks and see how many inquiries and comments Peter gets for every post he made.

A blog that is dedicated in helping bloggers to make money online. This is just one of the many websites of Darren, a blogger by profession. ProBlogger has an extensive list of topics such as Adsense, Affiliate Programs, SEO, Networking, Advertising and many more. Check out ProBlogger and see how you can increase your online earnings.

Kudos to Maki, Peter and Darren for sharing your blogging talents to everyone.


Peter Chen said...

Hi Minette,

Thank for the great promotion you have given my blog here.

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Blog is displayed as blank page or funny characters. I have responded to your comment.

Although you will definitely understand my response, I think you should check it as a reminder.

BTW it will be great for those who have left comments in your blog as well as for yourself if you regularly comment with links to your own blog posts, it will be good if you delete the "nofollow" attribute for comments for your blog.

Peter Blog*Star
Blogger for Dummies said...

Hi Peter!

You are truly amazing. Even with your comments, you still have a trick at hand. Wow, I definitely appreciate it and have applied it on my blog.

Keep on creating helpful articles!

Minette =)