Tuesday, April 8

Making Money through Photography

I think April is my Money Making Ideas Month. If you will notice almost all of my posts are about Money Making Techniques. I actually did not plan to do that in purpose. It's just that when I started writing about that subject and have made thorough research about it, I discovered that there are really a lot of ways you can make money online. And why not share the ideas on how to can earn money by doing something you love?

Previously I've featured how to make money by simply clicking your mouse. Well, I am now introducing another one that has to do with clicking, not with your mouse but with your treasured camera. If you are a person who has "Magical Click" or the power to turn memories into an artwork, you have to hear me out. Because if you got that special talent, it's time for you to shine and have more than just a dime.... you can now turn those shots into cash by visiting these sites:

Royalty Free Images

Shutterstock is highly recommended by Photographers who are making money online because you can actually have high earnings on this program. It pays $0.25 everytime your images are downloaded. Meaning, if you have 1000 download per month, you can earn $250 dollars. So its time to turn your hobby into money by Joining Shutterstock.

Fotolia is one of the leading providers of free stock images. But it also offers high quality images at an affordable cost. With this, Fotolia is looking for artistic photographers who can contribute to their website. Contributors will have a 33% - 80% commission of the image selling price. Sounds good enough? Well, if you are interested, please Sign up for a Fotolia Account

Dreamstime is a known Royalty-free stock photography community where people can buy quality images for as low as $0.20. If you have a passion for photography, you can Register here for FREE and receive 50%-80% commission on your sold photos. Join Dreamstime Now!

So what are you waiting for? Register to those websites now for free and start making money $$$

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