Friday, April 4

Is Affiliate Marketing an Effective Way to Earn Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing is a business relationship between a producer and advertiser. A producer can be a company or individual that is selling products or services while an advertiser is someone who is willing to promote the said product or service. This relationship is now strongly built online and is considered one effective way to earn money online.

So why all of a sudden I am talking about Affiliate Marketing? Plainly because I have recently engaged into Affiliate programs and hoping that one day I'll be successful. Also, I would like to share this information to those would like to earn money online without spending any money (because sign up is for free). Moreover, I would like to seek advice from you so you can help me become successful on my endeavors.

Some of the Affiliate Programs that I am currently into are the following:

Bravenet is a service that helps webmasters in creating and maintaing their websites. It provides free site and free tools such as mailing list, counter, guestbook, widgets and a lot more. If you need enhanced features such as having your own domain name then you can create a pro account with minimal fee. They also have an Affiliate Program that allows you to earn $1 per affiliate program referral and $50-$100 per hosting account you refer. So Join Bravenet Now to get the most of web designing and affiliate marketing.

One of the leading payment services on the internet, Paypal allows you to securely pay for your online purchases (using your debit cards) and even track your online expenses. You may also send, receive and request money globally. If you would like to earn money online, you need to sign up for a Paypal account (which is actually for free) because most programs and clients have Paypal as one of their payment method. Moreover, it has a Great Affiliate Program that allows you to earn $1000 for every Merchant you refer.

One of the affiliate programs that you can never resists because of the enticing ad that says "Earn up to $233 per sale" with "High demand products that get searched for over 2 Million times per month." Sign up as an advertiser of World Niche to get rich.

Want to have a $50 dollar sign up bonus? Register at Domain IT and get the same benefit ($50) for every web hosting sales. You can even help webmasters in creating their own name online with minimal fee (as low as $7.95 a month).

An upfront $50 sign up bonus is offered by Press Releasing Affiliate Program. Afterwhich you can earn 12% commission on every sale you generate by promoting their writing services.

A safe and easy to use online payment method. With the use of just an email address, you can send to your bank account from a credit card. It also has a Refer a Friend Program which will allow you to earn as much as 100 euros. So Sign up for a Moneybookers Account now.

I have read a lot of blogs and these are just some of the affiliate programs that they suggest. Most of the blogs are affiliate markerters too and they really recommend this process if you are serious about making money online. But I guess you need to have strategies so you can maximize the benefits of Affiliate Programs. Some of the things that I am considering are the following:

1. Quality Writings. Of course, you would not want your website to look like a online billboard where it has a lot of advertisements. As they say "Content is always the king" you have to couple your ads with quality review. But if you have been a blogger or webmaster for quite sometime now and your site or blog has a lot of visitors, that only proves that you can write quality content which you can use on Affiliate Programs.

2. Proper Placement of Advertisements. Organize your blog and make sure to place your ads where your readers can actually see them. And make sure that you don't clutter your blog with so much advertisements.

3. Seek Advice from the Experts. It's always good to ask because that is one way of learning new things. If you are afraid to ask then you can just simply visit the sites of Online Money Makers. Use the search engine to discover who are earning money online. Some of my favorites are: Problogger and Dosh Dosh

So do you think I'm taking the right path in becoming a successful online blogger and marketer? Or do you know any other legit Affiliate Program that pays well? I'd like to hear from you. =)

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