Wednesday, February 27

PingAndWin: Win Cool Items without Spending a Dime!

Im delighted everytime I receive email from people (especially from a webmaster or blogger) who invite me to join their community. The email I'm referring to is not just one of those spam email. This person likes giving away freebies too so he thought of dropping me a note. I look at his website : I was amazed because he really is finding ways of giving free items to blogger and vloggers.

I just wish I could join the contest, but since I dont live in the US (which is one of the requirements) I can't ping and win (so sad...) However, this is a good news to US Resident Bloggers out there who wants to win cool items and I do thank Scott for sharing his brilliant idea to me. Here is the site's first contest:

Visit PINGANDWIN now and be the owner of that Home Soda Machine!

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Scott said...

Dropping another note! thanks for the link and the kind words. I love free stuff and I am excited to get my site under way. thanks for the help.