Wednesday, December 5

St Aiden's Homeschool Fun Activity Books

Im so thankful everytime I receive an email from other webmasters or bloggers who are willing to share their freebies. Yesterday, I received one from a very inspiring webmaster/teacher who would want to share her free activity books.

Donnette, a single working mom in South Africa, is the webmaster of . She originally created these free activity books for homeschooling her children. Later on, she thought that it would be a great idea to share these educational books to others so she created a website. Her website was a big help to people who do homeschooling as well as to parents who personally teach their children with basic writing and reading skills. Thus it was awarded as Editor's Choice Award in Your Student's News which she truly deserves.

What surprised me the most is that during our conversation I found out that she is the author of "Christmas Phonics Activity Book" which I plan to post this december (found in So visit now so that you can download free educational materials.

About Homeschooling site, with free teacher/parent/student resources. Curriculum-based activity books and worksheets, free educational games and software, arts, crafts and activities, thematic and seasonal units. Catering for preschoolers upwards and including higher elementary school-age children. Updated daily.

I asked her what are her favorites among her collection and Donette's recommended readings are the following (although she had a hard time creating a list):


Donnette said...

Hi Minette,

What a lovely review you did of my website, thank you for the kind words. I have just signed up with your mailing list and look forward to offering you loads more free educational printables for your site, which I think provides an essential role (and fills a gap in the www) in furthering homeschooling and education in general.

May you go from strength to strength.

Donnette said...

Hi Donnette!

You really deserve it coz you have a good heart. I really love your activity books and I think others would be thrilled to have them too.

Please continue to do great things coz you can really make a difference.

Regards to your children =)

Donnette Davis said...

Hi Minette, just popping around to wish you a safe and blessed holiday season... And of course it gives me yet one more excuse to visit your wonderful site... May you go from strength to strength in 2008...

Warmest wishes and great big hugs