Monday, December 3

Free eBook: 22 Fun Activities for Kids

22 Fun Activities for Kids or How to Get your Kids out of Your Hair for Day is a compilation of interesting activities that your children will love. The 22 activities listed on this ebook will help children improve their following skills : Communication, Reading, Writing, Interaction. They will also learn how to discipline themselves, be confident and show patience. Moreover, your children will have a sense of pride and know how to appreciate hardwork.

This great ebook is provided by, thus you can view it at :

Just in case there is a problem with the site, I have also uploaded the 22 Fun Activities for Kids book at :


Donnette said...

Hi there

What a great site you have, I love all the free activity books. Thank you for taking the time to make the links available to us.

Donnette said...

Hi Donnette!

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and taking time to email me just to share your freebies.

Have a blessed day!