Sunday, December 2

Math Challenge: Free Activity Books and Worksheets for Kids

This is actually a continuation of my previous post. So now here are some great websites where you can get math activity worksheets that includes addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, decimals, fraction, roman numerals, algebra, percentage and a lot more!
Allows you to customize worksheets before printing them. You can print worksheets about addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fraction, mixed problems, graphing, measurements, telling time and One Hundred Chart.
Printable worksheets that will develop a child's skill in numbers, algebra, fractions, geometry, graphs, measurements and percentages.
Kidzone has a more organized collection of worksheets because they can be viewed by Grade Level (Kindergarten-Grade 5) , Activity Type ( Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Basic Facts, Dynamic Math Pages and Word Problems) or Theme (Christmas, Olympics, Farm, etc).
Nice printable worksheets that includes Add and take away, Writing Numbers, Number ladders, Number sequences, Making numbers and Number stories.
This site does not only provide free worksheets about Math but also about Geography, History, Science and a lot more. The worksheets are in pdf format so you can easily save or print them.

I have also downloaded several math activity worksheets from which I find very useful.

Math Challenge Activity Book about ROMAN NUMERALS (50 pages) -

Math Challenge Activity Book about ADDITION (20 pages)

Math Challenge Activity Book about SUBTRACTION
(18 pages)

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