Saturday, October 20

TheSimsOnStage: Show Your Singing Prowess through Online Karaoke

"Karaoke" doesn’t sound like a Filipino nor an American Name. Actually, karaoke is from two Japenese words Karappo and Okesutura. Karappo or "kara” means “empty” while Okesutura or "oke" simply means “orchestra.” Thus, "karaoke" word was created with the meaning of “empty orchestra.” Notice that when you use a karaoke it seems like when you sing you have an orchestra in the background when in fact you don’t have one.

Karaoke started in Kobe City, Japan during the ‘70s. After which it was introduced to East Asia in the '80s. Americans then later on adopted karoke in the '90s. If you want to learn more about Karoke, please visit this site:

I am not a professional singer but every member of my family loves singing so we purchased this beautifully created boom box, karaoke, to enjoy what we love to do. We can get to use the karoake when we feel like singing. With this, I discovered a free online karaoke that does not only let you sing but it also allows you to record your own songs. Cool huh? Yes, you can try visit and see for your self!

Simsonstage (formerly known as "Singshot") offers it members to sing their favorite songs. It has a wide collection of music arranged alphabetically. You can even sort them out by artists or music type. You will definitely enjoy Simonstage karaoke because it allows you to create your recordings and set your songs as private or public. Then you can let your family and friends hear your recordings. If you have set your songs as "public," other Simsontage members get to hear your songs and can even send your feedback. Believe me, Simsonstage has a caring and supportive community that will allow you to have more recordings.

Aside from karaoke, Simsontage has other features that will allow you to create and record your own Poems, Comic Sketch, Stories and Movies. So sign up for free so you can to show to others your unique talent

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