Thursday, October 18

Free Blogger Templates for Blog Makeover

I'm trying to learn the blogging language and that includes XML and CSS. I know it will take sometime before I get the hang of it so since I am a newbie what I do right now for blogger is to use free templates that were created by genius web designers. I am so amazed with these people because not only do they have the "brains" but they also have the heart to share their creations with new bloggers like me =)

Now let me give you some sample of websites that I visited.

Blogcrowds provides elegant templates that would be good for starters. It even has basic blogger templates that were modified into three column templates such as the . Having three column templates is helpful so you can optimize your google adsense and affiliate marketing. What's so good about their site is that they have a forum where you can ask questions and for sure, there is someone out there ready to address your concerns. So visit Blogcrowds now and take advantage of their free blogger templates.

The templates of Jackbook are pleasing to the eye because they look so neat and organized. They even have tabs for home, contact us and the like so you can make different pages for your blogger. Take a look at Jackbook's Templates and you might find a template that matches your blog's theme.


Why settle to a boring blog template when you can have a beautiful and attractive one for free? Bloggerbuster is giving us permission to use their artistic templates to have a more appealing blog. Visit their website at so that you will be dazzled

All for your offers free blogger templates with movie themes such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, At World's End, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ratatouille, Shrek 3. It also provides other beautifully designed blogger templates which you would surely love.

These are just some of the websites that I recommend to enhance the look of your blog. I still have some on my list but I havent got the time to check them all yet. So look forward to another post about websites that offers free blog templates.

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