Friday, August 10

PortableApps.Com: : Carry your Programs Anywhere You May Go

Ever heard of John Haller? Well, he’s the man behind the “Portable Firefox.” And now he has new innovation through his website As the name implies, the site is dedicated in developing and promoting portable applications. This application enables people to conveniently have access to their programs and files anytime you may need or want to use them on a Windows computer. You can utilize a portable hard drive, iPOD,USB drive, flash drive or any portable device for this application. What's great about it is that, it can be used by any software developer or hardware manufacturer.

A collection of more than 20 apps are included in the PortableApps Suite that includes a calendar, browser, game, backup utility, email client, office program, media player, graphics editor and others.

The Portable Apps Suite™ is a freeware that is free from Spyware, Virus and Advertisements. However, you are also free to Donate Money for the Portable Apps Suite development. You can use it as long as you want to and even share it's goodness to your friends.

The applications of PortableApps Suite are easy to install. You just have to drop the needed application into you portable device. But if you are still having difficulty or not too techy when it comes to computer stuff, you can get assistance by going to their FORUM or SUPPORT area.

Portableapps has been published by leading newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, PC Magazine, PC World, Information Week and USA Today. So try this cool application to have 24/7 access to your programs and files.


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