Friday, August 3

Healthy Living: The Magic of Honey and Cinnamon

Honey has been said to be the only food that does not spoil. But did you know if you sprinkle it with cinnamon powder, the mixture can be a healing power?

One day, when my sister went home from work, she told me about this great news that honey and cinnamon can heal certain diseases and can alleviate pains. So what I did is search information on the internet and here are some of the links where I found helpful information about this great duo (honey and cinnamon), at :

"The Healing properties of Honey and Cinnamon "

If you cannot take the pure mixture of honey and cinnamon, might as well add it to your daily menu.

Check out these mouth-watering recipes:

If you are on a diet, you will love these weight-loss recipes:
So for a healthier living, make honey and cinnamon part of your daily intake!


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