Monday, August 6

Free CookBook: Simon Cozens recipe collection

My niece is an HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) student and asked me to help her get some great recipes. Well, I know I can help her locate a lot of references yet I am not sure if my research will be good enough for her. But I just would like to share this Free Cookbook that Simon Cozen has posted on his website. I dont personally know this person yet he really did a great job in collating these recipes and made it available for viewing or download.

The Cookbook is a just a collection of the recipes. But I find this helpful to people who cannot afford to buy some expensive books or do not have much time on the internet. You can just save the PDF and print it so that it'll be available anytime you may want to use it.

Hope you'll enjoy Simon Cozen's cookbook. Happy cooking! =)

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