Tuesday, May 1

Rentacoder: Calling all freelancers!!!

I would like to share my first ever online job which is writing articles. At first I was hesitant to enter the world of Online Writing, Ghostwring, Content Writing, Article Writing or whatever they may call it. Yes, I may never have fantastic skills in writing but I tried learning the craft, read articles online, asked feedback from my friends and got motivated by my family. When I know I was ready, I tried to look for writing niches online and sign up to a lot of websites. Then, I came across the, which is commonly known as RAC. Rentacoder (RAC) is an online community where buyers can post projects about Web Design, Writing and Documentation, Engineering, Visual Art, Data Entry, Homework and just about anything that you need assistance with.

RAC does not impose registration fee so you can be a RAC member for free. As a buyer, you are also free to post projects for freelacers. But for coders, if you won a project, you will get a 15% deduction from the bid amount as a coder.

User Interface
At first, you may be confused with RAC’s user interface. But once you get used to it, you will be able to bid multiple projects in seconds. You can also check their Coder and Buyer HELP area to find answers to any questions you may have about this freelancers’ niche.

The site gives opportunity to people who would like to work at the comforts of their homes such mommies! So check it out and register if you want to make some money by doing what you love to do. Happy freelancing!


Anonymous said...

please note with bigger/serious projects the DUMMIES in rentacoder staff are INCREDIBLY STUPID PROFESSIONAL LIARS
they lie even with their slogan
they are proficient to blame someone else for their mistakes in silly attempts to hide their stupidity
PERFECT evidences at

Minette Rivera said...

Thank you for your honest feedback! said...

About 1st "comment":
The insulter "kamen123" has been banned from RentACoder
Main reason: "He insulted other parties numerous times".
"kamen 123" spoil perfect site in revenge.

kamen said...

Sergey I.Grachyov/Takereal: please spend your time checking my blog and please see that I have PERFECT evidences confirming my opinion. After that please advise the dummies in rac staff to stop with the lies. And please do not forget that only rentacoder is place for barking :-) said...

Kamen, no needs to spend a second at your "Suckers, united!" blog. You haven’t any completed projects, but "perfect evidences" mantra. This is not enough :-)
Please, help yourself to find your 1st real job.

kamen said...

Sergey you are excellent example of the way of working with rentacoder staff

I have PERFECT evidences that I’m right but your mental abilities do not allow you to understand
And you try to hide the facts with barking and silly statements

The same is rac staff: they are not able of understanding the PERFECT documentation of ASP/IIS and they think that Microsoft are responsible. Also rac staff think that I’m responsible for their incredible stupidity

Yes I have years international experience outside rentacoder. Yes I can show you projects. But actually you need brain in your head. Only with more brain you can understand me. You are making patches and you call them projects in attempts to hide that your mental abilities do not allow you to make projects. So please do not speak about projects because you do not have such experience. You have 0 projects in your experience

Your behaviour is obvious. You are excellent source of fun. Your stupidity is obvious. Your barking is endless. But barking can not change facts. You silly excuses and lies do not matter.
:-) said...

Kamen, you have 0(zero) seconds of international experience and 0(zero) completed projects.
That’s why you can't show any project, completed by you.
But you have several years of international insulting.

Please, help yourself to find your 1st real job.

My name: Sergey I.Grachyov
Nickname: TakeReal
I am famous freelancer.
I have:
909 projects completed via RentACoder
115 projects completed via GetAFreelancer
35 projects completed via Scriptlance
My link said...

Sergey and Kamen, thank you for your posts but I dont really like the thought that you are using my blog for "attacking" each other (sorry for the word but that's how I see it). This will be the last comment (about your arguments)that i'll publish from both of you. Dont get me wrong, you can still comment on my posts as long as it'll be beneficial for others. Coz I see that this thread is not doing any good nor helping other freelancers out there. Please settle this by emailing each other and be professional.

Thank you for your understanding.

Anonymous said...

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