Wednesday, May 2

Baby BumbleBee: Free Printables for Kids!

As a mother, you will be your children's first teacher. It's not really easy to teach those little angels how to talk, write and read properly however if you accompanied it with graphics, they can easily grasp everything that you say. Try to visit Baby Bumblebee's website which is really fascinating. It actually a store that sells educational materials for children 0-3 years old. But they also provide freebies which you can download, print and use to help you in bringing up a smart and sociable kid! So here are Bumbleefree printables that you can use when interacting with your babies!

Teach your baby how to count
I really like this site because it provides very nice colored printables which my daughter adores. They have free Number Posters (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20) which you can print then place on your babie's room so they can easily recognize and memorize numbers. You may also compile them in a folder so your toddler can browse through them anytime. They also have free Matching Numbers Card Game which is very good for preschoolers. This will allow you to test if your child can determine the appropriate artwork for a given number.

Teach your baby how to read and write
Knowing the alphabets is the first step in acquiring reading and writing skills. Send this Bumbleebee's Free Alphabet Posters to your colored printers and post them on your baby's room so he will know ABC. But for children above 2 years old, you can let them use the Bumbleebee's Free Alphabet Templates. Each sheets contains a sample alphabet letter and traced letter so your kids can easily copy the letter by simply following the trail.

Teach your baby how to speak well
If you want to enhance your children's vocabulary, download the Bumblebee' Free Vocabulary Builder Flash Cards. It has Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4 & Volume 5.

Try to visit Baby Bumblebee at and take advantage of their freebies for a well grown-up babies!

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