Friday, May 4

Be Tutorialized: Empowering Your Software Knowledge

As a freelance writer, I was forced to learn the Microsoft Word. Then at work, I was once required to create reports through Excel. There were times that I was on my wits end and do not know what to do just to complete a simple task that was assigned to me. So what I usually do is just to ask a friend or a co-worker who is a "software guru" whenever I have questions about specific software. But there are times that I need a quick answer and I got frustrated when nobody is available to help me. This led me in looking for Free Tutorials that would make my task a piece of cake.

By simply googling what I need, I found TUTORIALIZED. You just need to REGISTER on their site and you get FREE ACCESS to their tutorials. They can teach you how to be a Graphic Designer, Webmaster, MS Office Guru, Online Businessmen, Computer Programmer, Operating System Proficient and a lot more.

The Tutorialized is great because their tutorials are accompanied by graphics so even a novice can easily learn the computer lingo. They have tutorials for amateurs such as: HTML, Flash, MSFrontPage, MSExcel, SQL Basics, and MSWord; as well as for professionals like Maya, Fireworks, Perl and CGI, MySQL, Dreamweaver and eCommerce. They also have an Online Community where you can ask software questions to tutorialized members.

So SIGN UP NOW for FREE and be tutorialized! Who knows, you may be the next Bill Gates of your generation. Have fun while learning!

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