Monday, August 11

Withdraw your Paypal funds to your Local Bank Account

I know this information was released last January 2008 but I am posting this "good-to-know" information because I have tried it myself and would like to inform other Filipino freelancers out there that there is an alternative way to withdraw your Paypal funds aside from credit cards or debit cards.

You may way to check out this page which gives the detailed steps for you to Withdraw your funds to your Local Bank Account

And I am quoting this from the same page:

"For Philippine users, withdrawals of PHP 7,000 or more are free. For withdrawal amounts less than PHP 7,000 there will be a fee of PHP 50. For Indonesian users, withdrawals of IDR 1.5 million or more are free. For withdrawal amounts of less than IDR 1.5 million, there will be a fee of IDR 16,000."

Now the important thing that you need to indicate on that is your bank code. So here is a complete list :
Bank Codes of Major Banks in the Philippines

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AiDiSan said...


That's what I actually do, withdraw my money from paypal and have it credited in my BPI payroll account, it takes 5 to 7 days.

Minette Rivera said...

Yuppers, very convenient pa =)

JeFf &NoVa said...

thanks for sharing this,, can you lead me or give me a link of were i find the list of the banks credited for this in US or only in the philippines.. i've been looking for the for so long.. thanks

Minette Rivera said...


I believe almost all US banks are accepted by paypal. They even posted a list of customer service site for these banks in case you may need help. Check out :
customer service phone numbers

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