Saturday, August 9

Keywords: The way to a great amount of web traffic

Ever wonder how to increase your blog traffic? Most of the articles and ebooks that I have been reading about Increasing your traffic points to researching good keywords for your website. I have been a ghostwriter and wrote articles for clients who would always require certain keywords to be included in the article. This is quite challenging for me because I prefer to write whatever comes out of my head. And I never realized the importance of these said "keywords" not until I become a blogger. So now, I have a few good reads and great tools which will help us get a higher page rank.

Choosing the best keywords - This is an interesting article that will teach you how to look for keywords that best suits your blog or website. It explains the techniques that you can use so you can find and locate the most related and most popular keywords.

Top paying keywords - If you are targeting top paying keyword, then you may want to read this articles because it has 100 top keywords with
their cost-per-click (CPC),

Google Keyword Tool- I personally like this tool because for one it was created by google, thus I believe it provides a more accurate results. Moreover, it provides you a list of keywords but also their Approximate Search Volume (which refers to the approximate number of search done for that specific keyword on the previous month) and Advertiser Competition (which is the number of advertisers that bids on that specific keyword).

Other Keyword Generation web based tools that you can use:

SEOBook Keyword Generator


Do you know any other way to easily locate effective keywords for your blog or website?

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Jobs Philippines said...

Google Keyword tool is really the best tool to use in keyword search. But for those keywords with explicit content like porn, etc, wordtracker should be used since google keyword tool does not accept those.