Saturday, July 28

Harry Potter: The Magic on the Internet!

Harry Potter has been the most awaited books/movies sequel every year. Some bookstores even ask for book reservation just so fanatics can avail of the next Harry Potter book. Although my husband is a Potter-natics, we still dont want to spend that much for our desires. Thus, we used our resources to at least read a pdf copy of it. And it’s so good that one of his co-worker sent him a copy of the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows via email. Thanks to the internet!

I dont like to spoil the fun for the Harry Potter lovers but since my blog’s mission is to share the freebies that I (or my family) have received, I have to share this link. I found a site where you can download Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Please visit The site allows you to download the book as PDF, MSWord, Plain Text, MP3.

I believe that there is always magic on the internet coz whenever you look for information, you can just google it and in a few seconds, you'll have tons of search results. However, if you can afford to buy the original copy, that would be great.

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