Monday, July 30

Blogger Templates: Dress up your blog!

Do you like my blog template? If you are new to the blogging world, you may be thinking that you cannot design your blog. It's really hard to learn and get used to HTML, CSS or any coding system. But the good thing is, there are technically savy people who likes to share their blessings. One of those is the Finalsense webmaster.

Finalsense offers a lot of information and freebies. One of which are their free Blogger Templates which can be found at
. The templates are properly categorized so you would see : 3-Column, Animals, Architecture, Art, Beta (Google account), Cars, Ships & Airplanes, Cartoon And Kids, Classic, Computers, Game, General, Music and Dance, Nature, Simple, Sport, Women and Religion.

Templates are easy to install. Just click on GET IT NOW button and you would view the code already. The site also offers step by step instruction on how to use the template at

Just an advice, you may want to save your current template first before you use Finalsense template. This is to ensure that you can switch back to your original site's look if in case you don't really like to new look of your blog. To save the template click on Template tab, select Pick new Template and click SAVE TEMPLATE button. Or click HTML tab under Template and copy the code into a notepad.

Thanks to the webmaster of Finalsense for allowing us to use their templates!

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Movie Maven said...

I love the finalsense templates, but would I copy and paste the XML code? I thought it was only the HTML codes?