Tuesday, June 17

Caregiver Movie: Watch it online

Maybe I was expecting too much from the movie "Caregiver," that is why I cannot rate as five stars (only four out of five). It was a story that really happens to a lot of Filipinos who try to make a better future for their children by working abroad. So I know a lot of OFWs will love this movie. It was touching yet I am really expecting more since it was a long awaited movie of Sharon Cuneta. However, I can still say that it is worth watching. So you can try to watch it online if you want by going through these links:

Caregiver Part 1
Caregiver Part 2
Caregiver Part 3
Caregiver Part 4
Caregiver Part 5
Caregiver Part 6
Caregiver Part 7


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